Child-Focused Recruitment

EVOLVE’s Child-Focused Recruitment program provides individualized services to youth in foster care, who are in need of a permanency resource. Recruiters work closely with youth and the child welfare team to advocate for permanency in the way that best fits the unique needs of the particular youth and/or sibling group. EVOLVE Recruiters will work with children at any stage within the child welfare process, prior to parental termination or after.

EVOLVE Recruiters:

  • Spend a significant amount of time getting to know the youth and maintaining a relationship based on trust. Youth are engaged in planning.
  • Maintain a focus on permanency and the lifelong well being of the youth at all times.
  • Focus on identifying relatives, kin, and those with a special connection to the youth. We utilize unique and effective family finding search tools. Check out an “adoption detectives” story EVOLVE was featured in from Star Tribune in December 2015.
  • Develop Lifebooks with youth.
  • Utilize a strength-based, holistic, trauma-informed approach.
  • Share EVOLVE’s value of child focused. Children are aided in preparation for permanency in ways tailored to their individual needs.

What are County Workers saying about EVOLVE Child Focused Recruitment?

“I just have to tell you that the recruiter is wonderful! Her calm, encouraging demeanor, extensive clinical knowledge and skill, and personal experience make her perfect for the recruiter job.”

“I have been very impressed with the recruiter. She came on board with the teen at a challenging time after a disrupted match situation. The teen was pretty guarded about recruitment, adoption, and a new person. The recruiter came in and demonstrated a lot of sensitivity and compassion and went at the teen’s pace. They have a very good, respectful relationship, and the teen is now considering adoption again when I didn’t know if she ever would.”

“Despite the youth’s intense trauma history and recent behavioral concerns, the recruiter jumped right into her work with the client. Typically, the youth has a difficult time trusting new workers right away, but the recruiter’s style and personality allowed them to click from the beginning. It is obvious that the youth feels comfortable with the recruiter and that the recruiter appears to truly enjoy being around the youth.”

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